Preordine Space: 1999 Action Figure 1/6 Commander John Koenig Limited Edition 30 cm

Space: 1999 Action Figure 1/6 Commander John Koenig Limited Edition 30 cm
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Dettagli Big Chief Studios

Ci dispiace ma è stato aggiornato il prezzo di uscita ora a 279,00 Space: 1999 Action Figure 1/6 Commander John Koenig Limited Edition 30 cm Action figures: 30 cm Mondbasis Alpha 1 BIG Chief Studios present the first in a series of collector figures based on the characters from Gerry Anderson's classic series Space 1999. From the stunningly life-like sculpt of Commander John Koenig to the expertly tailored uniform and faithfully replicated props in miniature, the figure will stand as the centrepiece in your Space 1999 collections. John Koenig was assigned command of Moonbase Alpha to oversee the launch of a deep-space probe and to investigate the outbreak of a mysterious virus. Arriving at Moonbase Alpha, Koenig discovered that the crisis was much worse with eleven men having died from an unknown condition. Alpha's chief medical officer, doctor Helena Russell, believed that the men had died s a result of radiation exposure. Tests of the two nuclear waste disposal area came up negative, However, when Nuclear Disposal Area One suddenly flared up and exploded, the conclusion was that a new, previously unknown form of magnetic radiation had killed the astronauts. Not only was everyone on Moonbase Alpha at risk from the radiation, but if Nuclear Disposal Area Two was also affected, the colossal amount of nuclear waste stored there would cause the greatest explosion in human history. Koenig ordered the removal of the nuclear waste containers, dispersing them across a wide area of the Moon's surface, thus reducing the concentrated mass of nuclear waste and the risk of a catastrophic explosion. Unfortunately, Koenig's measures were too late, and the nuclear waste violently exploded. The Moon was pushed out of orbit by the rocket motor-like thrust of the explosion and sent speeding from the solar system into the unexplored and unimaginable void of deep space. With the Moon's high velocity and rapidly increasing distance from Earth, Koenig made the hard decision to not attempt an evacuation. Instead remaining on Alpha, where the base's personnel could sustain themselves and search for another planet on which to settle. Details: - Commander John Koenig Portrait Head featuring a fully realised likeness of Martin Landau - Anatomix Male Body (Standard) with over 30 Points of Articulation - Moonbase Alpha Personnel Command Jersey with Zippered Left Arm - Pair of Moonbase Alpha Personnel Flared Trousers with Zippered Left Leg - Specially Tailored Body-form Padded Under-suit - Faux Leather Wide Belt - Pair of Moonbase Alpha Personnel Boots - 8 x Interchangeable hands - Commlock Personal Communication Device - Stun Gun - Holster - Display Base with Stand