Star Trek Classic Phaser, Diamond Select Toys

Star Trek Classic PHASER, Diamond
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Star Trek Classic PHASER, Diamond Select Toys Classic : From the STAR TREK Original Series... A Diamond Select Release! An Art Asylum Sculpt! One of the most iconic props in science fiction history, this classic replica recreates Star Trek's Phaser in every detail! Featuring a removable Type 1 phaser complete with light-up and sound effects taken from the classic series, this best-selling piece also features multiple settings for the authentic Star Trek experience! Perfect for cosplay too. DST and Art Asylum bring you this replica Phaser, painstakingly accurate to the originals seen on the classic Star Trek. Featuring a black handle and "Try Me" window box, fans are sure to "beam" this unique piece into their collections! With sounds taken directly from the series, here's one Phaser fans will set to overload! Includes authentic action lights and sounds and adjustable power settings.